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Ysleta Del Sur Pueblo Cultural Center Gift Shop

Greenware and Pottery Services

Now offering greenware and pottery firing services for our local artists!

Are you interested in creating your own unique pottery designs? The Ysleta Del Sur Pueblo Cultural Center offers our customers two options when it comes to crafting your own pieces of art:


Greenware Sales

We offer our greenware for sale to individual potters to take home and paint on your own. Greenware is offered in various shapes and sizes. Stop by our center to see our currently available options.

Pottery Burns

We fire pottery in our electric kiln twice every week on Mondays and Fridays. 

If you're in need of firing services, please come into the center for a quote.


For additional information or special requests regarding greenware sales or pottery firing,

please do not hesitate to contact our center for assistance!

Contact us today to learn more!


Phone: 915-859-7700

Pottery and Ceramics
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